Wednesday, October 5, 2011

YouTube and the Library

While exploring YouTube, I found a really cute video that explains some of the different types of materials available in public libraries.

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The Wizard of Oz spoof makes fun out of what could be a very boring video.  I loved the part where the Wicked Witch is peering over the bookshelves!
YouTube is a very useful tool these days.  I don't know of any young people these days who are not familiar with YouTube.  Because I am a school library concentration, my instinct is to apply this to a school library setting.  A library media specialist could make fun videos like the one above to explain some of the services and materials available in the library.  Making a YouTube video could even be part of a school research project, something a media specialist could be involved with.  Students would enjoy the process of making a video and posting it to a public location, where they could show it off to their friends and family.

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