Monday, April 30, 2012

YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube in the Classroom

            YouTube is a free online resource that can greatly enhance classroom lessons and student learning.  The goal of this professional development workshop is to give teachers the tools to effectively find videos that will be useful in classroom instruction and enable them to successfully navigate the site and save videos.  Students will benefit from this with lessons that are more interesting, engaging and relevant to their everyday lives.  Once teachers start using YouTube, students will be given more opportunities to use this resource creatively for projects and classroom work.

Workshop Agenda
3:30-3:45  Sign in and log onto computers
3:45-4:00 Presentation
4:00-4:30 Activity 1- Creating Playlists on YouTube
4:30-4:45 Activity 2 – YouTube in the Classroom & Discussion
4:45-5:00 Evaluations

Activity 1-
Divide teachers into small groups of three or four and give them an assigned topic.  Each group will be tasked with creating a playlist of relevant videos on their topic, to be shared with the rest of the class.  Possibly divide teachers according to discipline – English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Topic Ideas:
·      Protests and the Civil Rights Movement
·      Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
·      Geometry
·      Chemical Reactions

Activity 2-
Teachers will brainstorm ideas on ways that they could incorporate YouTube into a lesson.  Volunteers will share their ideas and discuss.

Professional Development Evaluation Sheet

Workshop Title:                                                                        Name of Presenter:


What were your expectations of this professional development workshop?

How strongly do you feel this workshop met your expectations?

6                        5                        4                        3                        2                        1
Strongly agree ß----------------------------------------------------à Strongly Disagree

What suggestions would you make to improve this workshop?

Other Comments?


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